Planetgard barriers are environmentally green, sustainable barriers, specifically designed to help companies pass California Technical Bulletin 133.

They’re available in knit or composite, and each has its own manufacturing advantages. Choose whichever barrier is best for your situation.

Planetgard Styles

Designed to help manufacturers pass California Technical Bulletin-133, Planetgard 2070 and 2080 are environmentally green, sustainable, furniture fire barriers.

7oz/sq yd knit barrier
60 yd rolls at 58 in. wide
Also available as cut yardage

8oz/sq yd composite barrier
60 yd rolls at 58 in. wide
Also available as cut yardage


Planetgard barriers are made from a proprietary combination of wood, sand, and corn.

  • FR Rayon: Rayon is made from wood-pulp, which is a naturally occurring, cellulose-based raw material.
  • Crystalline Silica Fiber:
  • Silica is a term commonly used for silica dioxide or SiO2, one of the most abundant minerals found in the earth’s crust.
  • PLA Polymer: In the U.S., Cargill Dow Polymers (CDP) makes PLA by converting corn starch into lactic acid, which is then polymerized.

Planetgard Barriers are easy to work with, laminate easily, and are proven to be an effective barrier for California Technical Bulletin 133.

Planetgard TFC (Totally Chlorine Free)

All Planetgard barriers are processed chlorine dioxide free, phthalate free, antimony free, melamine free, migratory flame retardant free, lead free, processed totally chlorine free, chlorine free, processed totally bromine free, dioxin free, BPA free, cadmium free, PBDE free, mercury free, and halogen free.

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